Wellness Exams & Comfort Visits

Wellness Exams & Comfort Visits

Schedule your pet's wellness exam with us.

Our vet clinic offers Comfort Visits upon your pet's first vet exam with us. 

Why are wellness exams so important?

Why are wellness exams so important?

Regular check-ups keep your pet in good health and with preventive care against potential health problems. Routine pet wellness exams for dogs or cats are as central to their well-being as proper nutrition or routine vaccinations. Routine wellness exams give your pet's vet a chance to examine them thoroughly from head to tail and make note of any changes to their physical health over time, as well as identify any potential health issue that seems unusual and needs to be watched.

In this way, your vet can create a preventative care plan tailored to your dog or cat to successfully manage all aspects of their healthcare, from routine vaccinations and parasite control to weight and diet. If routine  examinations reveal something out of the ordinary, your vet can recommend specialized health screenings to address specific problem areas. A simple vet exam can help prevent any potentially serious health issues and allow our team to treat them early when they do arise. Additionally, a routine pattern of regular physical checkups acclimates your pet to the veterinary facility and helps them form trusting bonds with their care team.

How often should your pet get a wellness exam?

You should plan for an annual wellness exam for healthy cats or dogs. If you have a puppy or kitten, an older or aging pet, or an animal with a chronic condition, you may need to schedule more than one cat or dog physical exam per year. Your veterinarian can help determine what the best course of action is for your pet.

What are the benefits of a wellness plan?

Regardless of which plan you choose, the benefits of routine wellness procedures for your pet are clear: personalized, professional care from dedicated staff who understand their needs, in a calm, comforting space that emphasizes fun and minimizes fear. As a pet owner that takes their cat or dog in for frequent (or even just regular) veterinary visits, you'll find that having a routine wellness exam plan saves you money—and hassle—over time. With streamlined access to veterinary services and medical records, direct communication with veterinary staff, and personalized follow-up, your pet and you will start to see the veterinary clinic as a safe, not stressful, place to be.

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