When and how to socialize a puppy.

When and how to socialize a puppy.

Socialization is an important part of raising a well-behaved, relaxed, and friendly dog. By properly socializing a puppy, they'll be more comfortable with new people and environments, leading to a long and happy life.

Can you socialize a puppy before they're fully vaccinated? 

Puppies are most open to new experiences between the ages of three and 12 weeks. Although they likely won't be fully vaccinated at this time (puppies receive their first round at a pet vaccination clinic between six and eight weeks old), it's important to start socialization early to prevent behavior problems from developing. Here are some easy ways to begin socialization that are safe for you and your unvaccinated or partially vaccinated puppy.

  • Take your puppy for a walk around the neighborhood in a stroller or carrier to introduce them to new sights, smells, and sounds.
  • Introducing your puppy to friends and family. They can also meet familiar dogs who you know are fully vaccinated.
  • Bring your puppy to dog-friendly shopping areas or restaurants where they might see people and their animals, but not play with them like they would at the park.



How to socialize a puppy after they're vaccinated. 

After 12 weeks, socialization continues to be an important part of developing positive puppy behavior. Fully vaccinated pups can explore dog parks and dog beaches, though you may want to keep them on a leash to start. You can also look into puppy socialization classes that will encourage interactions with other dogs and people in a controlled environment. 
Some vets offer Comfort Visits where your puppy can interact with staff, meet other animals, and be showered with treats. These visits can help establish a positive association with going to the vet (instead of seeing them as scary!). 

Changing the way your pet sees the vet. Explore our services!

Some extra tips for successful puppy socialization. 

Socializing a puppy takes time and patience, and is all about taking one step at a time. Go slow and pay attention to how your puppy reacts to certain environments and situations. Keep it positive with plenty of praise and treats.

Remember, puppies can easily pick up on human emotions. If you're stressed, they'll be able to tell. So, when you're socializing your puppy with adult dogs, keep calm and provide lots of encouragement. If you notice your puppy becoming fearful, it's not a problem to remove them from the situation! 

Need more support in socializing a puppy? Papaya is here to support a long and happy life with our canine pals. Our vets are happy to provide advice and recommendations to ensure your pup is well adjusted and at ease around other dogs and people. 

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