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Essential holiday gifts for pet lovers in your life.

Essential holiday gifts for pet lovers in your life.

Essential holiday gifts for pet lovers in your life. 

'Tis the season for gifting...and don't forget about holiday gifts for pets or the pet parents on your "good" list! If you're looking to find the best holiday gift, you came to the right place because our Papaya Pets hand-selected the presents they would love to get in their stocking this year. They tell us they've been on their best behavior…



Any dog owner knows the importance of pet health and dental care for dogs. Keep your dog's pearly whites pearly white and breath fresh with these Brushy Bites from Bocce's Bakery. We appreciate the natural ingredients, including mint to freshen up those puppy kisses. Dogs will also look forward to eating this tasty treat.Caring for your pet's teeth is of utmost importance, and dental treats can help all pups!

"I can't wait to give my pet parent a big smooch after a Brushy Bite." - Penny 



Cult-favorite Cat Haus creates the most delightfully funky cat furniture that is actually nice to look at in your home. All pieces are made by hand in San Francisco with recycled textiles. Word from the wise: because they're a one-woman shop, they tend to sell out quickly!

"I sharpened my claws just for this." - Louie 




Pheromones are immensely useful for a pet owner in everyday situations, whether you want to calm a dog during a thunderstorm or soothe a stressed cat. We use them in our clinics for a calming environment, and they're great to have on hand at home, too. Here's one for cats and one for dogs

"Can we all just chiiiiiiiill, please?" - Momo 




Bring your pet along with this good-looking and functional pet carrier from Wild One. It unzips from the top and the sides, and an interior cushion folds out to become a bed. Even the shoulder strap doubles as a leash! (Attn. cat parents! Here are some tips for getting your cat in its carrier with less stress.) 

"I usually HATE carriers. I'll make an exception for this one." - Moose 



CBD isn't just for human ailments! Studies show it's well tolerated in pets, too, potentially promoting physical and emotional wellbeing. We like Charlotte's Web because all their products are made with U.S.A.-grown hemp and are third-party tested.

Always check with your vet before giving your pet supplements, including CBD!

"This magic stuff makes thunder a little less scary. Which is impressive, because thunder is the scariest thing in the world." - Lenny  



Any cat parent knows that an unobstructed window view is critical. Cats will adore this comfy, wall-mounted perch for observing the world around them (and pet parents adore the sleek design!). This great gift will ensure that a kitten has the best view in the house.

"Don't worry, those birds are under my CLOSE observation." - Biscuit



Little Beast has the cutest dog apparel, including this Cloud Nine Fleece Onesie for the cooler months. We want this in human size, too! 

"I'm going to flex on all those normies at the dog park." - Banjo 



Know a beloved canine co-pilot? Keep the car fur free with this stylish backseat cover. With easily adjustable straps suited to any car, this cover will keep your car seats in pristine condition and give your dog a nice place to relax when you hit the road. 

"I simply refuse to sit on an uncovered car seat." - Blair

There's one gift that all the Papaya Pets can get behind: a donation to their favorite non-profits, working hard to give cats and dogs like them a better life. Here are some of our top charitable organizations for the giving season:

  • Stray Cat Alliance

Did you know there are around 40 million stray cats in the United States? The Stray Cat Alliance is working to help as many of these stray cats as possible, through providing medical care (including vaccinations and spaying/neutering), connecting foster families with abandoned kittens, and more. Learn more.

  • FACE Foundation

Based in San Diego, the FACE Foundation provides financial grants to pet parents who are unable to afford medical care or emergency care for their pets. Partnering with nearly 200 veterinary hospitals in the San Diego area, FACE helps thousands of pets live long, happy, healthy lives. Learn more.

Happy Holidays from the Papaya family to yours! 


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