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What can you expect from the staff at a Fear Free Certified® Practice?

What can you expect from the staff at a Fear Free Certified® Practice?

 There are many reasons pet parents choose to bring their cat or dog to Papaya. Yes, it might be for our warm and inviting interior design or the sleek veterinary app. The biggest reason, however, is the talented and knowledgeable staff they can expect to find at every location. 

Compassion is a prerequisite for a career in veterinary care, but our professionals take it another step further. As a Fear Free Certified® veterinary practice, our staff is trained in Fear Free techniques, which are specifically designed to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress among pets that visit our clinics. 

The Fear Free approach ensures your pet and you have the best experience possible.  

This is accomplished through…

  • Unparalleled Knowledge of Emotional Wellbeing
    Your entire veterinary care team knows what signs to look for in both cats and dogs that indicate increasing stress levels. Moreover, they know ways to reduce stress and establish a level of calm for a successful examination. Plus, because we have a detailed onboarding process for our members, we'll know your pet's specific likes and dislikes already.
  • Treatment Tailored to Pet Needs + Personality
    Every pet is different, and Fear Free staff do what they can to meet each pet's unique needs. The detailed onboarding process on our app will give us an idea for your pet's likes and dislikes. Further, the app's Emotional Record on the Papaya App includes their favorite treats, particular stressors, behavioral issues, and even their preferred veterinarian!
  • Considerate Approach
    When examining a pet, a considerate approach means paying attention to everything—ranging from body language to the temperature in the room to the tone of voice—that may startle or aggravate a pet. The veterinary care team uses the animal's comfort level to guide the appointment, adjusting procedures accordingly.
  • The Papaya Comfort Visit™
    We created the Papaya Comfort Visit to establish a positive association with the vet for your pet. These visits don't include examinations, vaccinations, or any other aspect of a typical vet appointment. It's a valuable opportunity for your pet to bond with their veterinary care team, while getting lots of treats and love in the process.
  • Gentle Control Techniques
    Sometimes the pets' restraint during the examination is more stressful than the examination itself! That's why our staff uses gentle control techniques, which prioritizes the animal's comfort and safety. They may also distract the pet from the examination with treats, toys, or brushing.
  • Excellent Communication
    Transparent and empathetic communication is a core facet of the Fear Free ethos. Your veterinary care team will explain the signs of fear, anxiety, or stress, what they're doing to calm your pet, and address any of your concerns. Our Papaya App makes communicating with pet parents totally seamless; it's easy to set up appointments, see medical records, and even meet with a veterinarian virtually. 

Maintaining quality and consistency across all our locations is a top priority. In fact, Fear Free Certified veterinary practices are required to recertify every three years, ensuring our staff is kept up on best practices. Experience the difference Fear Free makes at our clinic in Carmel Valley, San Diego! 


The information in this blog is reviewed and approved by the Fear Free Certified veterinarians at Papaya Pet Care.

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