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Which Papaya membership plan should you sign up for?  

Which Papaya membership plan should you sign up for?  

Papaya Pet Care is a membership-based veterinary clinic designed to make pet care seamless, delightful, and transparent. Our members enjoy a truly comprehensive care experience for their furry best friends. From our seamless app to our delightfully inviting clinics, we focus on the pet perspective every step of the way. 

No matter what membership tier you choose, our team will approach every need with compassion, empathy, and understanding. Our highly organized approach to pet care allows us to give you more attention, personalized follow-ups, and direct communication with your favorite vet when you need it. Plus, it can save you money in the long run, while ensuring your pet gets care when they need it! 

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What are the different membership options? 

We offer three membership options designed to service your pet and you. 

Papaya Plan - No annual price
Papaya Plus - $149/year
Papaya Premium - $499/year

Every pet that joins Papaya is automatically enrolled in our standard Papaya Plan. This includes access to our pet parent app, Fear Free Certified® Clinic and unlimited Papaya Comfort Visits™. The key difference between the three plans is how you are billed. The Papaya Plan is billed on an a-la-carte basis and does not include telehealth, whereas Plus and Premium offer a variety of discounts, like free telehealth and in-person exams, as well as priority appointment availability. 

Explore a breakdown of what's included in each membership here.  

Which membership makes the most sense for your pet? 

If you have a healthy cat or dog that typically visits the veterinarian once a year for an annual check-up, our standard Papaya Plan is perfect for you. Each year, you can reconsider upgrading to a higher-tiered membership as your pet ages. 

If you have a puppy, kitten, or pet that typically visits the vet 2-3x a year, we recommend going with Papaya Plus. You'll receive our adorable new member kit and get perks, like a three-day or less appointment turnaround time. This is our most popular membership option as its value is clear to parents whose pets need a little extra attention.

Finally, if you have a puppy, kitten, aging pet, or a pet with behavioral challenges or chronic conditions such as allergies or arthritis, we highly recommend Papaya Premium. You'll enjoy no base veterinarian exam fees for in-person or telehealth appointments and same-day booking priority. For the busy pet parent, you know how valuable this is! 

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Right now, you can sign up for our first clinic in Carmel Valley, San Diego here. Papaya clinics will be popping up all over California (and beyond), so let us know if you want Papaya in your city. We can't wait to meet your pet and you. 


The information in this blog is reviewed and approved by the Fear Free Certified veterinarians at Papaya Pet Care.


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