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Why do we ask so many questions when you sign up for Papaya Pet Care?

Why do we ask so many questions when you sign up for Papaya?

We know that our pet parents lead busy lives. And between juggling jobs, pet parenthood, a social life, and whatever else you have going on, a long-ish questionnaire isn't exactly your favorite thing to do when you have a spare moment. 

But bear with us, because we created our app onboarding questionnaire to actually save you time and stress later with smoother and more efficient veterinary appointments. When we have a thorough understanding of your pet—even before their cute paws enter our clinic—getting them the care they need is much easier. Here are a few more reasons to complete that onboarding questionnaire. 

  • We get the basics about your pet. Instead of filling out paperwork in our lobby, you can do it on the app. (Shorter waiting times? Yes, please.) We'll collect necessary information about pet insurance, past veterinarians, their medical history, and current health status. You can also let us know if you have specific concerns you'd like to address during the appointment. 
  • We understand their personality a little better. We're always considering the pet's perspective. So, even before they step into our clinic, we want to know a bit more about their personality and preferences. Your pet might adore behind-the-ear scratches and go nuts over peanut butter—but really hate having their tail touched. These details help us give your pet and you the warmest welcome possible. Also, we created the Emotional Record to help us keep track of your pet's behaviors at the vet and change course if needed.
  • We learn about their past experiences at the vet. Does your pet historically experience high fear, anxiety, and stress when visiting the vet? Let us know during the onboarding questionnaire, and we'll determine if a non-exam Papaya Comfort Visit™ makes sense for their emotional wellbeing and circumstances.

Providing this background information ahead of your appointment helps us prepare and keep the appointment running smoothly. We'll get your pet the care they need, so they can get back to the best parts of life: playing frisbee in the park, napping in that patch of sunlight, and—of course—spending more quality time with you. 

Set up your account with Papaya Pet Care and share more information about your best friend with us. Their paws are in good hands!


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