A Message from Our CEO

At Papaya Veterinary Care our "Why" is for the love of those who don't have a voice. Naturally, our pets are the first to come to mind when we think of those without a voice. At Papaya, we believe this should include pet parents and veterinary professionals looking for more.

Through decades of consolidation, the veterinary industry has reduced the rate of veterinarian ownership. At Papaya, we are shifting the tides by offering ownership equity in the whole company (not just an individual hospital) to our early hospital leaders in a position we call the Executive Medical Director (EMD). Together, we will build a company that invests in their employees' growth and development, allowing for more influence on how the company is shaped. 

With over 20 years in the veterinary industry, I have had the opportunity to amass a broad range of experience across various platforms. From consolidators to de-novo models and start-ups to established companies, I have worked with hundreds of hospitals across multiple spectrums. While every practice is unique, patterns emerge in those that are continuously and sustainably successful year after year.  

At Papaya, we will use the tools proven to work in increasing earning potential for employees, improve quality and access to care for pets, provide job satisfaction, and enrichment for staff while creating a network of support in an often-siloed environment. We plan to do this by: 
Extending ownership equity to our EMDs - No up-front capital required 
By making veterinarians equity partners in the organization, we will be making this a true partnership. Rather than making business decisions separate from the medical team, we will work together to align our individual success with the team's success.  

Investing in employee development 
Most organizations provide leadership training of some type. Our program will go beyond the basic training and expand into learning how to scale a business, how to intentionally manage culture, client communication tools, and how to mentor the team.  

Since we are a small organization, we have the chance to give more individualized attention to our early team, allowing them to grow into future leaders who will then develop the next generation of Papaya hospitals.  

Our employee development plans do not stop with the veterinarian. We know every member of the team is important, which is why we will invest in advanced clinical training even for the experienced professionals.   

Provide an operational tool kit that has a history of proven success 
We build out the administrative processes which makes opening a new hospital less daunting for a private practitioner.  
For the veterinarian who has contemplated ownership but has been fearful of taking the financial risk, has worried about how to proceed forward with limited resources, and has lacked support, Papaya Veterinary Care is the place for you. 
Contact us at [email protected] 

Our differentiators


Low Risk Ownership

  • Enterprise equity
  • No upfront capital necessary
  • New facility & hospital build outs

Advisory Board

  • Direct line to CEO
  • Establish Medical SOPs
  • Network of Peers

Leadership L&D

Leadership Training

  • Finance & Operations
  • Culture Building


Clinical L&D

Hands on Clinical Training

  • In-house trainer establishing high level of working knowledge for support staff
  • Workshop to learn new skills
  • Doctor driven medicine


WAG WORTHY benefits

Just a peek at everything we offer.

  • 401K Match (100% up to 4% of salary)
  • Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance
  • Employee Discounts
  • Paid Time Off
  • Professional Development
  • Recruiting Referral Bonus
  • Brand New Facility & Equipment
  • Veterinarians Have a Leadership Voice
WAG WORTHY benefits

We can't wait to hear from you.

We're seeking veterinary professionals who are deeply passionate about animal wellbeing, want to improve the veterinary experience for everyone involved, and love collaborating with others to create something truly incredible.


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